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Creating Opportunities with Solutions for all Ministers of the Gospel.

Welcome to Project Achieve platform, a platform that is well designed to empowered, teach and inspire all ministers of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which comprises of Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists and Teachers.

"Do you know that "Technology is the best gift God gave us after Jesus Christ". We provide endless solutions to ministers by showcasing our professional skills in Multi Level Marketing, Business Opportunities, Online Web-Solutions, Networking with Social Engineering strategies to reduce, probably eradicate dependency of ministers on tithes and offerings in our churches and ministries.
our Mission
To eradicate long term bondage salary mentality and create better streams of income for ministers.
Our Vision
To provide solutions, encourage networking, share ideas, promote friendly communication between ministers and inspire them to be successful.
Living on a single means of income as minister can be frustrating when you have bills to pay. We empower Ministers to maximize their potentials with their God given talents to have streams of income.
Are you willing and ready to partner with us on this laudable project? If you are ready brace yourself and usher yourself into the limelight. You can't afford to be left behind.

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Living on a single means of income can be frustrating when you have bills to pay as a minister of the gospel. Step Up And Learn as You Can Achieve More With Little. This opportunity is designed for ministers who want to maximize their potential along with their God given talents. This project is to empower ministers and give them skillful opportunities to have numerous streams of income instead of depending on single means of income.

About Us

Founder and CEO of M. K. Sagsons Consult, Naijamebs Limited and The Coordinator of Gospelfy Nigeria came up with the ideal solution of creating financial opportunities and solutions for ministers of the gospel called Project Achieve which has been tested. It is designed to enlighten, diseminate and groom interested ministers to realise their inherent gifts and potentials, imparting how to generate streams of income and eradicate the ministerial culture mentality of total reliance on undependable monthly salaries, depleting tithes and scarce offerings.

"Do you know that "Technology is the best gift God gave us after Jesus Christ". Prepare yourself to learn from group of professionals what you need to usher yourself into the limelight.